The Crystal Shop Camden


Practical uses: 

Fuchsite in the home brings more coordinate domestic schedules such as child care, school runs , visiting elderly or sick relations and outside work commitments, especially if you have to rely on other people for the smooth running of your life.

Physical benefits:

Thought to maintain healthy red and white cells; may help carpel tunnel, spinal alignment, muscles immune system, throat, larynx, arteries, inflammation, eczema, rashes, skin allergies, snoring and sleep disturbances.

Emotional healing: 

Restores equilibrium, emotional stability and encourages stability and encourages fight back after a major setback or long or serious illness in self or someone close; reduces dependency on stimulants or placebos.

Chakra: Heart Throat

Candle colour: Green

Fragrances: Lavender, rosemary, sage