Danielle Thiele

Danielle is a gifted Psychic, Medium & Astrologer who has spent years developing her spiritual gifts.
At an early age Danielle would dream of upcoming events that would occur in her life and she always had a feeling of never being alone. In her teens she would have feelings and thoughts of future events for herself and others.
In her 20’s she started seeing and feeling spirit when her grandmother passed away, when Danielle was 26, she met her mentor which introduced her into the world of astrology and encouraged her to fine tune her gifts. Danielle was often told by many light workers that she has a gift and she needed to use it to help others. At age 27 she went to her fist psychic development class and has never looked back.
She believes that everyone needs joy & hope in their lives & tries her absolute best to deliver this in each reading that she gives to her clients. Danielle reads from a nonjudgmental & heart felt space. She believes that everyone has a destiny and that in life there are no wrong choices just life lessons. She has a calming presence about her and has the unique ability to make her clients feel at ease. She can help with any life issues such as Love, Relationships, Career & Finances. Recently Danielle completed her Reiki 2 and is now a Qualified Reiki practitioner she can do both face to face and distant healing.