Stephanie McKinnon

Stephanie’s Journey with spirit has been unexpected but overwhelmingly rewarding. It has been a journey that has enriched her life and along the way also become a real passion. It offers and continues to offer Stephanie self-growth and a better understanding of the world around her.
Stephanie is a psychic medium that offers connections to your loved ones who are with us in spirit. She is a psychic who reads tarot cards which is a tool that allows clarity and insight into the choices we have in our life. As a Numerologist, Stephanie will reveal the current cycle in your life but also identify areas that may need to be enhanced or nurtured. Stephanie’s passion for working with spirit is highlighted in her teaching classes of mediumship and psychic development, tarot and numerology.
Stephanie’s understanding of all of these elements allows her to use all or just one of these elements when seeing her clients.   Stephanie takes her work with spirit very seriously and is constantly sharpening her skills by studying with some of the industries most respected names.
Stephanie is available for private readings on Tuesday’s Wednesday’s and Thursdays 9am-4pm. Please call The Crystal Shop on 4655 3703 to make an appointment with her.