What is a Psychic-Medium?

A psychic medium may have inherited this tendency from his or her parents or grandparents.

They may even be uniquely divinely – blessed with this talent from birth. The talent, may also be acquired under the guidance of a master psychic. The psychic medium may use a various predictive tools like tarot cards, astrology and numerology.

The similarities between a Psychic and a Medium are several and the first similarity is that both are tuning into the spirit. The Psychic and the Medium can tune into the spirit of a living person, but the Medium must make a link with a discarnate spirit only, to prove life after physical death.

Psychic mediums are amazing individuals, which use their abilities to help others along their journey of life, sometimes a word or a phrase from someone that has passed over is enough to bring healing, peace and comfort and to know that the ones we love are always with us.