Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye

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Tiger Eye

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Practical Benefits:

Attracts a steady inflow of money to the home, place a Tigers Eyes in a pot with a lid and add a coin every day. When full spend the money on something fun or give to a charity and start again. Good for entrepreneurs and people starting out in business for the first time and for building up a skill and knowledge base for a major future career change or enterprise

Physical benefits:

May help to ease stomach and gallbladder problems, ulcers sprains, rheumatism; increase energy levels and strength, restores balance to the body.

Emotional healing:

Reduces cravings for the wrong kind of food or excess cigarettes, prescription drugs or alcohol; reduces anxiety caused by feeling of isolation or inadequacy; increases willpower and emotional stability to make health improving regimes more likely to succeed.

Chakra: Root and Solar Plexus.

Candle colour: yellow or Gold

Fragrance: Carnation, spearmint, saffron