Petrified/Fossilized Wood
Petrified/Fossilized Wood

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Petrified/Fossilized Wood

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Practical uses:

Petrified wood is helpful for those living in older buildings to keep the structure sound;put pieces in the attic near rafters and in basements and in any walls or fire places that you renovate.

Physical benefits:

Claimed to relieve back and hip pain, strengthens bones and skeletal alignment; helps illness that is difficult to diagnose or treat, progressive or periodically recurring illnesses, mobility problems and those linked with the ageing process; be beneficial for bad backs, allergies,bone dislocation and broken limbs and hay fever.

Emotional healing:

Heals relationships that cannot be put right on the earth plane because the person who hurt or neglected you has passed; helps you to recall fond memories of the deceased relations who perhaps were cold or found it hard to express emotions.

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Candle colour: Brown

Fragrances: Basil, cedar, cypress, juniper, vetivert