Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite

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Orange Calcite

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Practical Uses:

For attracting love in later life, turning friendship into love at any age and for rekindling a relationship from the past; sit by an orange candle  hold your calcite, speaking words you would like to say to your chosen partner. Next day initiate or increase actual contact. 

Physical Benefits:

May help with gallstones, liver or spleen, kidneys and bladder, irritable bowel syndrome. sexual dysfunction or low fertility in either sex, bed wetting in older children, urinary incontinence at any age; wear to increase energy levels, especially in cases of chronic fatigue or ME.

Emotional healing: 

Heals the psychological scars of sexual attack or abuse of any kind; relieves food related conditions such as anorexia, bulimia  and excessive exercising and any phobias also shyness.

Chakra: Sacral

Candle colour: Orange

Fragrances: Bergamot, neroli, orange