Hematite Tumble

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Hematite Tumble

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Practical Uses:

Called the lawyer's stone. Carry hematite for the successful outcome of court cases; also for any DIY legal work such as drawing up or contesting a will or representing yourself on a divorce or tax dispute to ensure you are clear, concise and not swayed by pressure.

Physical benefits:

Said to help with blood disorders; particularly of red cells, the absorption of iron and other minerals, blood clots, circulation, energy levels, fatigue, backache, travel sickness particularly by air; jet lag; function as a pain remover and reduce excessive bleeding, whether from a wound, during menstruation or in childbirth.

Emotional Healing:

Relieves fears of seeing blood, obsessions about contagious illnesses; over sensitivity to bodily functions particularly using toilets not your own; fears of flying and of insects, especially spiders.