Dragon Blood Jasper
Dragon Blood Jasper

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Dragon Blood Jasper

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Practical uses:

Dragons blood activates all chakras and meridians and enhances spiritual growth. Promotes spiritual healing.

Physical benefits:

Dragons blood is said to support all healing processes and also strengthen the constitution in general. It is believed to stimulate the liver and the gall bladder and to help with digestive process in the small intestine. It is also said the strengthen the immune system and the thyroid and to help with disorders of the nervous system and the brain.

Emotional Healing:

Dragons blood with its green and red colouring connects straight to our heart chakra allowing us to much better understand our own emotions and feelings. It help us to listen to what our heart has to say and provides us with necessary strength, courage and purpose needed so that we can address any deeply buried or repressed emotional issues and resolve them once and for all.

Chakra: All

Candle colour: Red,Green or Rainbow

Fragrances: Sandlewood, vetiver