Blue Tiger Eye
Blue Tiger Eye

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Blue Tiger Eye

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Practical uses:

The toughest of the tiger's eyes, wear blue tiger's eye jewellery at the most difficult of times to give you the sheer doggedness and stubbornness not to give in to adversity or bullying; touch the jewellery in the darkest hours to push towards the light at the end tunnel.

Physical benefits:

Believed to provide help for all slow moving degenerative conditions; to trigger the body's natural resistance, deep-seated tumors or growths anywhere, particularly in men, prostate, hernia, bowels, large intestine and anus in both sexes, internal bleeding for example from ulcer, deep vein thrombosis, mental and physical blackouts whatever cause.

Emotional healing:

A stone for men who suffer a severe emotional or psychological setback, such as the loss of a lifetime partner through death or desertion, redundancy in later life and no prospect of re-employment or a financial disaster, to work through grief and anger and rebuild their lives step in a new way.

Chakra: Root

Candle colour: Dark grey

Fragrances: Anise,cloves,grapefruit,lime,tea tree.