Aragonite Brown
Aragonite Brown

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Aragonite Brown

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Practical uses: 

Aragonite sputnik shaped hexagonal clusters with interpenetrating crystals or any aragonite clusters are natural integrators; keep where you and others sit to bring unity 

Physical benefits:

Said to assist with bone fractures, dislocation, spine, slipped disc, lumbago, bowel cancer, IBS, teeth, jaw, neuralgia, nervous system, hair loss, exhaustion, ME, cramps, diabetes, Vitamin A and D deficiencies, skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Emotional healing: 

Clears redundant anger lingering from old wrongs and prevents constantly returning to the past and fretting over loss or injustice that hinder emotional growth.

Chakra: Root

Candle colour: Brown

Fragrances: Clary sage,neroli,pine, and vanilla.