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Practical uses:

Protects against poverty and attracts prosperity; wear carnelian when funds are low to draw resources and good luck into your life; good for success in any creative money-spinning ventures.

Physical benefits:

May help with exhaustion, lack of energy, male potency and sex drive; male gential disorders improve appetite; cleanse the blood; for circulation , the gall bladder; liver, spleen, jaundice, digestive disorders; stimulate self-healing of the body; rheumatism; bone, joint pains and arthritis especially men.

Emotional healing:

Alleviates jealously and possessiveness in relationships; helps anger management; a dish of vibrant carnelians in the home absorbs fury from toddlers, teenagers and adults of both sexes; assist with the male mid-life crisis; wash crystal weekly.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Candle Colour: Orange

Fragrances: Cedar, ginger, juniper,pine,sage.