Shiva Lingam
Shiva Lingam

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Shiva Lingam

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Practical uses: 

If you are still looking for your twin soul, cast a Shiva Lingam into a deep lake or on the outgoing tide on New Years's Day or the first day of the month, having breathed on it three times and said "call my other half to make me complete"

Physical benefits:

Believed to be useful for increasing fertility; relieving impotence and other male sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation; increasing libido in both sexes; easing childbirth.

Emotional healing:

Unites and balances the male and female energies with in to create a harmononious whole; good for resolving gender-related issues and for overcoming personal doubts about entering a same - sex relationship.

Chakra: Brow

Candle Colour: Indigo

Fragrances: Almond, orange, rose