Blue Howlite
Blue Howlite

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Blue Howlite

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Practical uses:

For selling a house, place small pieces of howlite on inner window ledges to attract buyers and create favorable first impressions; carry with you or wear when viewing a new home to buy or rent, to convince landlords and vendor of your seriousness and reliability.

Physical benefits:

Believed to help with disorders concerning back, spine, neck, teeth and gums, sore throat and tonsillitis (good for recurring infections), balance and mobility, gives stamina and strength to recover from a long illness, exhaustion or depression.

Emotional healing:

Gives determination to succeed in those who have given up on life because of long term unemployment, bad housing or difficulties in education.

Chakra: Throat and Root

Candle colour: Blue

Fragrances:  Cedar, sage, sandlewood