What is a Psychic?

We may be clear that all Mediums are psychic – but not all Psychics are Mediums. However, a greater understanding is required as there is often confusion as to what is psychic and what is not. Many Psychics work with the individual and the psychic emanations from another person originates from with in the Aura. This is the energy field we all have and only leaves us when our physical body dies.

It holds all our memories and emotions and a good Psychic can tell a person great detail about their lives- both past and present. This is particularly useful for people who feel that they need guidance in their lives. 
This is not to suggest that a Psychic should be, considered in some way as an adviser as people need to make their own decisions. However, it does help people to find their own solutions when they become aware that their energy is a reflection on how they are at that moment.