Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone

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Practical Uses: 

To help children and adults to overcome fears.  Hold a blue Golstone to represent the nights sky and keep by the bedside take with you when you stay at unfamiliar hotels and on flights to relax into a natural sleep and waking patterns.

Physical benefits:

Thought to assist with the relief of migraines, headaches, epilepsy and visual disturbances particularly night and tunnel vision or glaucoma; be helpful after surgery or intensive chemical therapies, for allergies resulting from chemical irritants and pet hair or dust mites.

Emotional healing:

For those whose dreams were shattered by the insensitivity of parents or teachers at an early age, a reminder of what has been and can still be achieved.

Chakra: Throat, Brow and Crown.

Candle colour: Blue or Gold.

Fragrances: Lily, lotus, magnolia, orchid, vanilla