Sharon Hood

My name is Sharon Hood and I am a medium / Psychic and based in Sydney Australia. I am able to connect you with your loved ones in the spirit world with love and compassion with integrity and honesty. Through using my spirit guides and helpers, they help not only me connect with the spirit world but help you to connect with your loved ones in the readings we conduct together.

I have been working in this business for over 15 years conducting readings, doing platform readings and teaching mediumship for over 14years and enjoying every moment of it.

My mediumship started off straight away in my early 30’s. One day being a full time mum with a part time job to working at The Crystal Shop learning and working with spirit.

I’m lucky that I have had some great teachers and people to help me along the way.

In my work with spirit it has been hard work, dedication and lots of learning. You never stop learning. I can connect with your loved ones, your animals that have passed on and your spirit guides.

In my readings with you, you can expect a connection with your loved ones. They will come through me to talk to you about their passing, about your life, your family ‘s lives and tell you what has happen in your life ,to what is happening and what is about to happen in the future. I DO NOT DO CARD READINGS. But if you have had a card reading done before, spirit readings are the same. We use your loved ones to receive the same information as you would with cards. I don’t always guaranty to bring the loved one you want. But we will try our best.

Sharon is available for private readings on Mondays, Thursdays some Saturdays and Sundays Please phone The Crystal Shop on 4655 3703 to make an appointment with her.