Kerry Nelson


Hello my name is Kerry Nelson I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium.  You could say I am a person that never works a day in my life, as I love what I do so much.  Being able to connect the two worlds as one is my life path and passion.  It’s a part of me and has been for many years now.  I am the messenger for Spirit with the information I receive and forward to you.

Mediumship Readings I have direct link to your loved ones in Spirit.  Your loved ones communicate with me using my senses I see, hear, feel and know.  You could say it’s a bit like charades.  It’s then up to me as the Medium to relay the information to you.   I work from the heart and will receive as much information and validation of your loved one. From their personality, life and other information along with messages that they are still very much around you.

Psychic Readings is about seeing into the future. I use two methods; one is the use of Tarot Cards which is a Psychic Tool relaying what I see in the cards.  The other method I use in a Psychic Reading is the information relayed from your guide that can assist you in the future with choices and decisions.

Have been professionally Reading for over a decade.  Teaching Psychic/Mediumship Development for over several years and also tour VIC and NSW with my Platform demonstrations at Clubs and Centre’s. 

It is a great honor to have that work with Spirit. I endeavor with each Reading for it to be an uplifting, experience in many ways.

I am available for 30min, 45min or 1 hour Readings on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday between 10am - 2:00pm.

Bookings can be made on-line or by calling The Crystal Shop 02 4655 3703


Love and Light