Jo Gluson

My name is Joanne Gluson; I am a Psychic Medium, Meditation Teacher.

I have been walking my Spiritual path in a lot of different ways since childhood and I am so grateful to be able to do this work.

I work with Tarot cards and Angel Oracle cards, these are a wonderful tool to work with on a Psychic level, and to gain insight into past, present and future issues. In saying this, we all have free will to make our own choices in life.

I am here to give the clarity you made need, in your life, and to help you make the right choices for you to learn and grow. I also work and connect with spirit, which means I can connect with loved ones on the other side, this can bring great comfort and healing knowing our loved ones is still with us.

I approach my work with the highest integrity and love, and in a very safe environment. I choose to travel this path because of very strong personal events in my life. I know spirit is around us always.

Joanne is available for private readings on Sundays. Please phone The Crystal Shop on 4655 3703 to make an appointment with her.