Bonnie Star

Bonnie Star is a psychic, empath and energy healer specialising in the following fields:
  • Tarot readings
  • Channelling
  • Guided meditations
  • Crystal work
  • Grounding and energy alignment/transmutation
  • Trauma healing (present and past life)
  • Spiritual guidance
Bonnie was born into a family that has possessed psychic medium and empathic gifts for many generations. She was raised with a deep understanding of the energies that surround us and how connections outside of this time space reality can affect us in the present moment. Her parents also taught her the importance of grounding, connecting with the earth and working with crystals.
From a very young age, Bonnie realised she had retained memories of her past lifetimes as a psychic reader and had always known she would reconnect with the tarot. She began working with tarot cards in 2010 and over the past 10+ years has developed her own unique style. Most readers view the tarot as a tool to help with their psychic readings, where as Bonnie feels called to be the channel to which the tarot can speak their messages through her.
Bonnie’s approach is not only to give you an answer or offer you an overview of you circumstances, but to explain the tarot and educate you in the process. Her goal for every session is to have you walk away from the reading with a clear understanding of what the tarot wants you to know and focus on.
Bonnie is also in the process of becoming a Reiki Master and will be offering reiki healing inthe coming months.