Stephanie McKinnon

The Crystal Shop Camden NSWHello my name is Stephanie McKinnon

I have been working & studying in this field for 12 years and have been teaching for the last 3 years in Tarot, Numerology and Mediumship, and I also offer Reiki treatments.

In my readings I use a combination of all 3 to give you a complete understanding of all your options available to you, so you can find the clarity and the answers that you have been searching for without taking away your free will and choice, while also knowing that your loved ones are still with you and offering you their support and love can bring you some comfort, healing, or closure in an emotional time in your life.

I love what I do, and approach all with respect, integrity, sensitivity, and above all love.

If you would like a private reading I work at the Crystal Shop on Tuesdays 9 -4pm and Saturdays  10-3pm or if you would like a Reiki treatment on Thursdays 2-5pm

To make a booking please call 02 4655 3703