Evening with Spirit

Evening with Spirit
On these evenings, you will be part of a group audience, and that you may hear from your passed loved ones through the Medium on the night.
These evenings can bring you great peace and comfort knowing our loved ones are still very close by.
Dates 2015
6th February 2015 Sharon
20th March 2015 Stephanie
24th April 2015 Sharon
22nd May 2015 Ebony
5th June 2015 Stephanie
19th June 2015 Sharon
24th July 2015 Ebony
7th August 2015 Stephanie
21st August 2015 Sharon
4th September 2015 Ebony
9th October 2015 Stephanie
6th November 2015 Sharon
27th November 2015 Ebony
11th December 2015 Stephanie
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Cost $30 (Non-refundable payment is to be made when making booking)
Booking essential as there are limited spaces
Not everyone is guaranteed a reading